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Juan Carlos is a young player who this last season participated in the Barcelona football trials and has moved up to the 1st RFEF Division with the CF Talavera reserve team. He has been able to play training and friendly matches with the first team. He is a cheerful, optimistic player with a great capacity for effort. He is eager to be a professional.


He is a player who plays on the inside who stands out for his ability to intervene in the game, enabling his teammates to progress and associate always providing advantages. He demostrated in the Spanish football tryouts the personality to ask for and receive to combine and make the team play. He is a team player and a very good elegant playmaker.

Technically he is a really talented player, with a great touch and ball touch. He knows how to interpret the game very well and what it requires in each moment (progress, combine to maintain or simply repeat to make players leap).

His ball skills are excellent on the lines and he has a very good shot from distance. Defensively, he is a support for the team, aggressive and hard-hitting in individual duels.

The assessment we made on the tryouts in Barcelona is that Juan Carlos is a player ready to take on challenges in 3rd division teams or to join a subsidiary team that plays in the same division. He conveys the ambition to be a professional sportsman and a great capacity to adapt. That is why he was recommended by the technical staff of Poli Ejido who invited him to a detailed detection.

Information & booking for this trial in Spain, Barcelona:

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