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Gashi Sadri : The Norwegian wall Barcelona tryouts


Sadri is a young norvegian participant of the Barcelona tryouts who played last season for Strommen II (4th Norwegian division) and alternated trainings and friendly matches with Strommen I (2nd Norwegian division). He is a player who is finishing up his junior stage this season and stands out with his physicality and discipline. This season he will be making the preseason with the first team. If he does not make it, his goal is to play in Spain.


Sadri has shown during the trials in Spain a great physical strength despite his age. He is tall, strong and very fast. His two greatest assets are his strength in individual duels, which he almost always wins, and his long crosses looking for the back of the opposing centre back.

He has more difficulty in the inside game, when he has to combine more on the tight sideline and give continuity to the game to circulate. He is more comfortable when he has to run behind the back than when he has to get out of the area with his partner. He has a very good aerial game due to his size and aggressiveness.

He is a very interesting player with a very good projection considering what he showed during the tryouts and his age. He wants to be a professional and he shows it, knowing how to interpret many game situations and being a leader in training and in matches.

In our opinion, he is a player who could be ready to start playing in the 3rd division RFEF in Spain and give him time to adapt to Spanish football. He has very interesting physical and footballing conditions and with a very focused head to improve and adapt in any situation.

Information & booking for this tryout in Spain, Barcelona :

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