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Terry Germany: The Saint-Etienne Express: Barcelona Tryouts #TOP1


Terry is a very young French player who came from an elite club -Saint-Etienne- in France to participate in the 7th edition of the Barcelona Footbal Tryout. A calm and attentive youngster, who shows a great desire to learn and improve.


Terry is a very complete player at all levels. He stands out for his high technical skills with the ball and his great ability to understand the game and what it requires. His controls are always judicious to give an advantage to the game and he has a great ability to drive the ball and the change of pace. He knows how to arrange his partners in order to constantly find free players.

He is a player with a very good last pass and has the ability to play with both legs. At the conditional level, he is very complete, with a very low center of gravity that allows him to protect all the balls very well in order not to lose them easily to the opponents. He has a very good aerial game considering his size. He is skilled in 1x1, being able to perform dribbles of high difficulty in little spaces. He conducts and dribbles between the lines, being a vertical player.

His aspects to improve are the personality to appear and lead in moments of low participation.

He is the player who stood out the most in the last edition of the tests in Barcelona, considering his age and his footballing abilities. He has a great future ahead of him and we clearly see him as a player to be integrated in a lower category in Spain.

In our opinion, he can play in the Spanish 'División de Honor Juvenil'. That's why he has been invited to trials with two top spanish clubs of this division, Poli Ejido and later with Granada CF, in a tournament against Malaga City and PSG.

The 8th edition of the Barcelona Tryouts will be celebrated from the 18th to the 22nd of December 2022, for more information:

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