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I - Youth football: how to prepare for football tryouts?

In football, clubs, especially those in Europe, are constantly on the lookout for promising young talent in order to secure the future of their teams. Moreover, football is demanding and one of the opportunities for young players to be seen, auditioned and selected by these clubs is the football tryout. To this end, the surest way for young footballers to join a club is to prepare for a trial camp. Learn more about this in the following lines.

What is a football tryout ?

A football scouting event is a gathering where young players are given the opportunity to train, learn and play in front of many club representatives. It takes place over a period of a few days during which the players have to give their best in order to impress scouts. By the way, these football club managers come to find talents capable of bringing quality to their teams in given positions.

Moreover, it is a high-level football event whose sole purpose is to offer youth footballers a chance to be recruited by a major European football club. Therefore, if you are a junior footballer and you want to be hired easily by a club, take part in a football trial camp. For this purpose, one of the most popular types of sports gatherings that you should not miss is the Barcelona Football Tryouts.

In reality, it is a 5-day football trial camp organized with the objective of promoting young talent between the ages of 16 and 24. Most of the staff is trained by EUFA PRO 3 professionals and recruiters who participate in the search for young talent appropriate to their needs. Finally, the 8th edition of this great sporting event is coming soon (18 to 22 December 2022), so go to ( for more information and to register if interested.

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