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Like their other football colleagues, PSG players are following a physical training program during confinement. RMC Sport obtained one of these sessions transmitted by the Parisian staff. Are you ready to sweat?

As Neymar recently recalled , PSG players are not on vacation during the confinement imposed to fight against the coronavirus. Despite the distance, the technical staff does not give up on its troops one step.

Each day, a specific program is sent to the players with a degree of difficulty ranging from 1 to 10. That of Tuesday April 7 was thus rated between 3 and 5, i.e. from "moderately easy" to "hard" on the arduousness scale. perceived (RPE in English acronym).

Two days ago, Neymar's teammates, even those scattered across the world , had to perform the same ritual with warm-ups, mobility exercises, then a circuit of 8 exercises of 30 seconds each based on abdominals, squats , glute work, push-ups. All performed twice and interspersed with 30 seconds of recovery between each gesture.

Every day the roadmap changes. In today's connected world, players cannot bluff. Their data is in fact collected and then analyzed using the connected watches they wear. In addition to their session, Thomas Tuchel's men have a daily meeting with the physical trainers for cardio work by videoconference. The opportunity to exchange and stay in touch. But certainly not unemployment. If you are looking to prepare for your season further and try to land a contract with a professional club in Spain, participate in the next edition of the ATLAS FOOTBALL HIGH PERFORMANCE Clinic and tryouts in Tangier, Morocco, where there will be a high performance training camp with the possibility of joining 8 professional clubs

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