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Bodybuilding program for football player annual: Off and full season .

Without surprise, football is the most played sport in the world. Bodybuilding being an essential part of a successful physical preparation, the link between bodybuilding and football is therefore strong. All training centres offer muscle strengthening to players, both to avoid injury but also to improve performance on the field.

Bodybuilding programme for football

In football, we can differentiate between the pre-season and the season. During the pre-season, you will, of course, grant yourself a few weeks of rest, but it is important not to remain inactive for 2 months. Generally, an off-season program lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. This is the ideal time to gain muscle mass, while improving your general physical condition.

Off-season weight training 

July and August - 4 sets around the 10 rehearsals.

Pecs & Shoulders - Session 1

Developed coated 4×10

Inclined developed 4×10

Dips 4×10

Spread at the opposite pulley 4×12

Military developed 4×12

Side elevations + Bird 4×10 + 10

Legs - Session 2

Squat 4×10

Thigh press 4×12

Lunges 4×10

Leg extension + Leg curl 4×10 + 10

4-series cladding

Back & Arms - Session 3

Tractions 4 series

Horizontal pull 4×10

Dead lift 4×10

Curl biceps 4×10

Forehead bar 4×10

Abdominals with / without weights 4 series

The 4th session is reserved for plyometric work, in the form of a circuit:

Climbing stairs

Jump Squat

Fast crossing of small barriers

Pace ladder

Quick direction changes

Think about integrating movements (shots, passes, dribbling) with the ball even during the off-season.

During the season

September and October - Force & Explosion Work

The football season can be divided into 4 periods. Each period will last between 8 and 12 weeks where the physical preparation will focus on a particular quality, useful for footballers. As soon as you start playing football again, change from 4 to 2 muscle training sessions per week in order to conserve your energy for the weekend games and football training sessions. Weight training is an added value for football. Make sure you respect this training volume so as not to cause too much muscular or nervous fatigue.

Upper body - Session 1

Developed degressif in a 4×5 + 8

Dips + jump pumps 4×10 + 5

Military developed 4×10

vertical pulling 4×8

Raised from the ground 4×8

Static and dynamic gain 4 series

Lower body - Session 2

Squat + box jump 4×6 + 5

Lunges 4×10

Leg extension in degressive 4×8 + 10

Calf standing + sitting 4×15

Abdominals 4 sets

Tempo 2020 : Both eccentric and concentric movements will be fast (2seconds) as well as the change of direction.

November and December - Power Work

Upper body - Session 1

Inclined developed 4×10

Developed neck 4×10

Rowing + Horizontal traction 4×8 + 8

Pullover pulley 4×12

Developed Arnold 4×8

Static and dynamic gain 4 series

Lower body - Session 2

Shoulder-Throw 4×12

Bulgarian squat 4×10

Thigh Press 4×10

Skip slots 4×10

Leg curl 4×10

In December, take 10 days off to recover well.

January to March - Endurance and Speed

As the weeks go by, the recovery between sets will be diminished.

Week 1 to 2: 2min30 / S3 to S4: 2min / S5 and S6: 1min30 / S7 and S9: 1min / S10 and S12: 45sec

Upper body - Session 1

Tractions 4 series

Developed in degressive 4×10 + 10

Developed inclined + Spread at the pulley 4×8 + 8

Side elevations 4×12

Dead lift 4×10

Abdominals with/without load 4 series

Lower body - Session 2

Sumo squat + adductor machine 4×15 + 10

Hack Squat + jump squat 4×6 + 6

Thigh press 4×15

Hip Thrust 4×15 

Gaining + vacuum 4 series

April to June - 4 sets between 8 and 12 rehearsals

Upper body - Session 1

Developed semi-inclined 4×8

Dumbbell spacing 4×10

Vertical + Horizontal 4×10 + 10

Developed dumbbell 4×8

Curl biceps 4×10

Abdominals 4 sets

Lower body - Session 2

Squat 4×10

Walking slots 4×10

Hip Thrust 4×12

Leg unilateral extension degressively 4×10 + 5

Machine adductors + abductors 4×10 + 10

In May, take a week's rest to recover muscularly and nervously.

Important message to remember

In this article, we have presented you with a complete one-year programme adapted to footballers. Strength, explosiveness, endurance or speed will be worked on at different times of the season. The aim is not to lift heavy loads all year round. This muscle-building work is done between April and August. The rest of the time, you will have to respect a particular tempo or recovery time. This will inevitably force you to reduce your weight on the bar.

For example, a series of 10 repetitions in the bench press without any particular instructions will not be possible at the same weight a few months later, when you have to be fast on the eccentric and concentric phase. So make sure you respect the execution instructions mentioned above, to develop your power or endurance.

Finally, pay attention to possible pain that can quickly turn into an injury. If necessary, do not hesitate to give yourself a week's complete rest to return to your best level. One thinks in particular of the pubalgia which is the footballer's nightmare. At the first signs of pubalgia, tendinitis or sprain, take it seriously. This reflex will allow you to reduce your time spent in the infirmary.

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