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The Champion Football Agency (CFA), a new Footboleros partner in the DRC.

The Champion Football Agency (CFA), a sports agency focusing on football, officially launched on Saturday 25 July in Kinshasa. The fledgling sports agency was presented by its president and founder, Yannick Mavita Mukwanga, during a ceremony attended by some of the country's sports leaders and football coaches. 

Ensuring personalized supervision and close follow-up for each young talent; offering continuing education to professional players at national and international level; accompanying local clubs in terms of management or playing the role of sports advisor and players' agent are among the objectives that the CFA has set itself. 

For Yannick Mavita, the new agency wants to be a structure that sells talent from the DRC, because, he says, there is talent in the country but it suffers from support and promotion. 

"Beyond the talents, there are structures that accompany, supervise and promote these different talents. So the question is the following: are there talents in our country? I think the answer is yes. Another question: are there structures that sell these talents? In my humble opinion, the answer was NO. And that's where the CFA was born, with the slogan "My football, my pen"! ", he said during the agency's presentation. 

And continuing: 

"In modern football, there's a way to sell talent. We want a player who is capable of mastering the instruments, which means juggling the ball well, but who also knows and is able to use his pen. In the pen there, we see everything that is human training that accompanies a player's development". 

The CFA says it places its activities under two axes, namely: management and representation. On the management level, it plans to organize talent detection tournaments, training and personalized monitoring of players as well as training of managers as part of capacity building. In terms of representation, the CFA focuses on the negotiation of sports contracts, the management of the image and career of the players as well as the management of retraining (of the player after retirement editor's note).

When asked about the "motivation" that led to the creation of the CFA, Mr. Mavita explains: "it all started from observation", he says, stressing that "it hurts a lot to see that we have players who leave a club here to go directly to Ligue 1 in France or the Pro League in Belgium etc. but we have seen these players struggling to hold an interview for 10 seconds". That's how he felt it was important to set up a framework that would allow professional players to solve certain problems, and young players to grow up with certain bases. 

The CFA management team with the former national coach and coach of V club Florent Ibenge

For the start of activities scheduled for the beginning of August (2020), the CFA is planning training courses spread over several modules including French, communication and public speaking or stress management and lifestyle of sportsmen and women with the target audience of players. Two other training modules are planned, this time for managers who have player management as part of their duties. These are sports management and sports law. 

Based in Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC, the CFA was created on 20 January 2020 and aims to be a framework that promotes the integral development of young Congolese on a human and sporting level. And, this is done by coaching young talents and accompanying professional players in their careers.

An article by Japhet Toko -

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