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High Performance Football Camp in Spain: 9 pillars for an optimal result by Fernando Pérez .

At the High Performance Football Camp in Alicante, we strive to be very careful about the training methodology used to train the young players of our structure. That is why we have called on Fernando Perez for the football camp in Alicante, Spain, one of the best technical directors in modern Spanish football methodology for our high performance camp, and here are the pillars of his football teaching methodology.

1. Individual progress.

Each player progresses individually and at his own learning pace.

The course is structured not only by its content, but also by the technical level of each player. For example, at the Alicante camp, homogeneous groups are formed. This allows the player to progress at his own pace, offering him the maximum within his possibilities.

2. Depth in the contents.

Our method works by content, deepening each of these until the player masters them. In this way, the player ends up mastering all the individual football techniques to the utmost.

3. Personalized learning.

The groups are fairly small. This arrangement allows the coach to work more directly with each player, to detect their deficiencies and to help them correct them. The player is more motivated because he sees that his coach is constantly helping him to improve during this football clinic. In addition, there is a greater possibility of repeating the drills, as there are fewer players to go through.

4. Analytical method and global method.

In the process of learning the technique on a high level football camp, we have seen the need to combine the progressive analytical method and the global method. The first allows us to show in detail a complex technical skill and the second allows us to see what that technical skill looks like in reality. It is the age of the players and the technical level they possess that leads us to use one of the two methods in each case.

5. Application of the technique in competition.

The use of competition as a means of learning is fundamental to the Alicante football camp. It is about putting into practice everything they learn in a natural and real environment: a football match. We always include time in the learning process so that they can apply this technique in a real game situation. It's a great motivation for the player to find out that what they have learned in practice, they can do in a real game.

6. Using the most advanced technical resources.

We use biomechanical analysis as a way to improve technical skills. Players can see themselves performing the exercises and clearly discover where the mistakes are or how to improve the aspect they are not performing correctly.

7. Solid planning

With our method, we do not improvise anything. All training sessions are planned and worked on by the technical and pedagogical department, which plans the course of the sessions according to the different ages and levels.

8. Our values program.

Our technical department - led by Fernando Pérez - has developed a values training plan adapted to all ages and programmes.

At the Alicante football camp, we take advantage of situations to promote these values. Any situation is good for instilling values. If a player makes an effort at a given moment and we highlight it, we are promoting values. The same is true when another participant leaves his clothes stored in the locker room, or congratulates his teammate for a good action, or gives him the ball to do the drill. There are thousands of situations in the Alicante training camp that we use to encourage these values.

We know that our work goes beyond just training individual technique.

9. Full player evaluation.

In the report that we hand in at the end of the football course in Spain, an important part of the evaluation is the attitude and the formation of values of the young player.

Some of the values we transmit are: camaraderie, effort, order, generosity, friendship, discipline, care for material things, optimism, obedience, respect for others, hygiene, health, responsibility, work, etc.

If you want your son to have a good footballing experience in Spain and managed by the same Fernando Perez, don't hesitate to CLICK HERE!

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